Friendshipcamp 2016


Friendshipcamp 2016

breaking news!!
see below about the camp


Friendshipcamp 2016

Now it´s official!
The friendship camp 2016 will be from the 9th if July to the 16th of July.
The theme of the camp is: friendship - stronger together!



Website is under construction


Two weeks

Dear Scouts in Finland, Sweden and Struer
In less than two weeks we will meet each other. We will now start to post information about the camp - and we will do that on Facebook, so we can keep all the information in one place.

if some of you want information here - Please let us know!!!

Friendship camp 2016 in Denmark is Danish cities that have twin cities abroad. The idea of Friendship camps was originally especially promoted by the Nordic Association. Friendshipcamps was started to strengthen the contact between the nordic countries.

Keep an eye on this page for more informations about the friendship camp 2016 in 2016 in Struer Denmark. The camp caters for scouts in the nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

The camp is held every second year. The first camp was in Denmark in 1976